Monday, November 16, 2020

Website Recent Maintenance Complete!

                With someone getting into my Archives account that I use to embed the podcasts on the website for the website version. Well apparently they deleted the account which I never did whatsoever so it had to be someone that got into the account. Anyways after 18 + hours of hard work and labor to the website, we have completed the website maintenance and you probably noticed that before there was missing episodes that were not there and that has been all fixed and it was a big mess honestly. We hope with the change of passwords this will not happen in the bear future this will not happen and to the person not cool at all honestly. Myself, Billy, Tiala and Joe work too darn hard to bring you guys quality content and for this to happen this sets me back on other projects that may  need my attention and this drives off my attention on Ninja Storm and also the Collaboration Podcast that still needs the editing it needs.

                Now that this issue has now been adverted, I can start working on the collab stuff yet again and get this out to you guys soon and work on the other podcast as well and that is definitely the plan and today I am starting on the watching the series again this morning. This blog was the number 1 on the list today. I hope I can multi task and catch up as this weekend was about fixing the website. Anyways that is what happened and I'm sorry that we didn't explain very well what happened to the website and we didn't want to panic you guys on the issue but we made you guys aware of the issue but it is all good now in the end the crisis has been adverted and we move forward with the content. Just wanted to be open and honest with you guys and now you know the truth but again we're moving forward and will let you guys know when we have the episode ready and I hope to have it done by end of the week so I can post it up a week tomorrow in the afternoon. Anyways I will talk to you guys tomorrow on another blog post.


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