Tuesday, November 17, 2020

When Is Power Rangers Wild Force Collaboration Podcast Coming Out?

                I know with the craziness around the website this week with the non stop issues we have been experiencing with the podcasts as you know, we have ended up being backlogged with editing and working on the collab right now, it's not even funny. So what we are doing is we're working on editing and the next collab so we have it ready to go. Anyways I know I promised you guys to have it out this week but unfortunately I have to postpone it for this week as right now we have yet to finish up the editing side of things and I hope to make a good run today to get a good dent into the podcast and try and wind down the length especially as I can say this it is 2 hours and 26 minutes to be exact. I know it's a very long podcast but honestly getting use to it and having some fun in the process. So what we have to push forward the release of the podcast as we have to finish up editing the podcast.

                I know, I know get on with the announcement. I can say this for now, next week I am planning to roll out the next episode and I apologize but it is beyond my control what happened to the account issues I experienced over the weekend and I will make sure to get Joe to make an announcement to the day and time it goes out. So what I am trying to say is this will determine if I am finished the podcast and I can say I am working on it and really need to start editing a ton in order to make but this gives me till Sunday and time to think about when I want to put it up and more then likely I will end up putting it up mid week so this do not interfere with the Entertainment Man Podcast Schedule but again depends how long it takes to edit the podcast as I said before it's a long monster podcast and working countless hours for you guys to ensure it is done. It has become my number priority. So be sure to keep an eye on Social Media and this blog for details to come. 


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