Wednesday, November 18, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Community Lounge Opens Monday!

      I know surprise! I am making a mid week appearence and Chris already knows about it and says it's fine and gives him the day to work on the collab podcast with the editing this gives him the day free as it takes him sometimes 45 minutes to complete a post in the day when he could be editing the podcast. Anyways we are proud to say, we are launching the chat as of today. That's right, Chris messaged me this morning letting me know that as of 9 am EST Monday the Community Lounge will be open for business! As you know we have had our share of issues this week including last weekend and we were all set for launching the chat 2 days ago but we have had to put it on hold temporarily but he has made it OFFICIAL today that we will be going ahead with the launch of the Community Lounge as of Monday. So you will not be seeing this in an update. Just hope there will be no more issues around the website that will prevent us from launching the Community Lounge. What will be in thsi Lounge? You will see a chatroom where you guys will be able to talk and interact with Chris and his Management Team which I am a part of. This chatroom has been set and ready to go for days and sits there empty with just Chris and I doing the final touches to the chat especially. 

               You are wondering why Monday @ 9 am EST well that was Chris's decision to open it early in the day so everyone gets a chance to pop in to the page and it is bright and early in the day. You never know, Chris may be lurking in chat and if you guys pop in and yes guest chat will be open so everyone can participate. There are a few rules and they are: 1. No spamming; 2. NO posting links. Please ask a member of Staff or the Moderator Team; 3. NO being disrespectful of any kind; 4. NO asking for Mod, must earn the trust of Chris and the members of the Management Team Staff; 5. NO religion or politics talk is allowed. We do not want to have an argument happen in chat. Those are 5 simple rules to follow. Now one last thing Chris detailed to me this morning if the guest chat gets too abused with trolls, we will shutdown guest chat where you have to login. However, we are looking forward to this Community Lounge opening on Monday and be sure to be on the lookout for an official launch post on Social Media!


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