Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Some Updates On The Situation....

               The plan moving forward is here and Chris has finally started to come around. I know him very well and known him for years how he needed time to cool off. Honestly things are just fine as it is to be honest and he is getting the views on a regular basis and that is enough as he had over 1k in views last month. The other day he had over 500 views.... Cannot say he aint getting the views. So with the feed now down for good, the plan is to continue with the podcasts as normally scheduled and also the blog posts that you guys see on a daily basis he continues to make posts whether it is him or I but I know for a fact he is going to be returning tomorrow to blog posts and scheduled his posts on his white board so we know for a fact he is returning. The whole issue with the live feed it could of been all OBS that made it disconnect or the buffer circle. So he is on the right track and honestly I would of been mad too as he's gotten so much work on the page done through me and yes I was a little mad but understand why he made this decision. He's the boss and what he says goes. I respect his decisions and I told him it's not worth the stress. So you can expect moving forward what I said, blogs, podcasts, collabs they all will be happening. Now I am not 100% if him and Larry are going to be doing an Collab for the Anniversary or not. I heard rumors from Chris he tore up the notes for it. Maybe for the 15th Anniversary perhaps which is coming up very soon!

                Chris, well he is in good spirits now and feeling a bit better and I told him why didn't you vent on your story on both Facebook and Instagram. He's bottling it up again and it's not healthy to do that. I know he's a very loyal person especially when it comes to his content and ChrisBOnTheWeb and if it wasn't for Larry, he probably would have indeed left Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and it would of been all over after Dino Thunder. Chris made a promise to keep it running after the little hiatus it's going on. That was what was on his mind all day yesterday. However he is laser focused today to get working on the next collab and get back into a rythm to be set for December's next recording session after this week's podcast. So this is the last post you will see from me till Sunday's weekly update. Enjoy your week and I will be speaking to you all on the weekend.


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