Monday, November 9, 2020

Chris Is Not Happy With Net Issues Continue To Be A Problem!

               Chris is not happy and refuses to make blog posts and no clue whatsoever if he will be posting at all this week or I will be covering for him all week. I will explain what's going on. Last night we were testing out the live studio feed and his internet giving him issues and he's already spoken to Rogers Help and they say they are going monitor it for 10 days and email him an update and last time they said that it never happened. Total lie and he's on the fence and doesn't want anything to do with Rogers and has considered another internet company if he finally is on his own. Long story short, he is been in a mood since yesterday and hasn't said a word to me and has even told Larry that he's OFFICIALLY cancelled recording this week which is delaying the podcast yet again. He's really not in any mood right now and if he don't answer please do not be offended. 

              I will be around on both Facebook Page and Twitter throughout the day if you have any questions or concerns to what's going on with him. Really worried about his well being and his mental health. I know for a fact his mental health has gone downhill and maybe a week away from blog posts is what he needs to get his head back in the game again. He's deleted all the chat accounts and I've already removed the live pages as both the actual live page and the Live--Beta Test pages as both are now gone from the website back end of the website. He was really excited for this feature and the fact you guys get to see what he is doing during the week but cause of the net issues he's really in a bad mood and not sure how long this will actually last. I now wonder what is going on with the collab and he's cancelled the anniversary collab and sounding like no podcast at all this week at all and production is back to a stand still again. I can see why this podcast is going on Hiatus as of the conclusion of Dino Thunder. I guess I will talk to you guys tomorrow unless he comes around and is in a better mood but if anything changes please do check the social media if things change. I am more then happy to post for him while he's stepping away to figure things out.


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