Sunday, November 8, 2020

Weekly Updates for Chris & ChrisBOnTheWeb

              This has been a wild week for Chris and the team and he has gave me a few updates recently and ideas as well has been suggested as well. We have been busy with expanding on the website a little bit and we are excited to mention it on today's blog post. Anyways here are the updates:

Power Rangers Podcast:  With Wild Force complete, Larry and Chris are indeed going to be recording live this week and not sure when but they definitely have to record not just one but two podcasts as Chris recently remembered that the Anniversary under the ChrisBOnTheWeb brand and just hope we can end up squeezing in both but will find out tomorrow as he will have to remind Larry of this and may have to do an afternoon recording session if possible to get both done.

Collaboration Podcast: As I said Chris has planned an Anniversary Podcast for just the website only that is going up some point Saturday no time confirmed by him but sounding like he has hinted 1 or 2 pm EST it will be up. This will be on it's own dedicated page here on the website and he is excited to do something to honor this.

Website: Second last update for today, the website. Now you haven't see it yet but we are working on this brand new feature. The first time in a long time, Chris is going to start casting right from the home of his own website. He will be watching shows and what not and when he does watch it you will see him with headphones on at times. However he will be getting into details later this week as right now we are just working on the page and testing the feed out which has already been tested and it works. It is work in progress and he has to work on a couple of things to actually figure out with cameras in the studio and recording while live. Again more details is to come later this week.

Entertainment Man Podcast: Finally, I know he has been off schedule last week and this week he will have to definitely have to get back on track as even last night he slept in the evening and been up all night working and making sure he gets the editing done and ready for the weekend, however he is close to finished and should be ready for me to post up on the website.

             There are the updates and I made some tweaks to this post and I think it is a ton better then what I had which wasn't much of an update originally but gave it an addition as he has given me more information that I can tell you guys. He has been very secretive lately on what he has planned and he has kept us the Management Team in the loop on things and when he has information, him or I will be sure to mention it to you guys. I should have further developments by next Sunday to when the feed will go up Live for you guys. One last thing you will see the Live tab pop up during the week but will not be "clickable" till he is ready to launch the page entirely. 


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