Saturday, November 7, 2020

Who I Am and My Role With ChrisBOnTheWeb

           Hello my name is Joe and I am the Site Admin for ChrisBOnTheWeb which is part of the Management Team for Chris along with Tiala and Billy. I have some major roles when it comes to the website and his content. As he said yesterday, he is off this weekend from the blog as I requested to put up two posts this weekend, this one being the introduction to who I am and my role with ChrisBOnTheWeb or CBOTW Media as he calls it. I have been around with the website for the past 6 years on and off especially when he has issues with that other website provider he was with and I may have done a post. However that could of been Jim not me as Chris confirmed it while I was typing up the post it was Jim not me. Anyways, I was with Mark and Chris when he started building the Menu bar which was a lot of work and time and the 3 of us worked on it together to help Chris. He did indeed work on the menu and helped customize it and make sure it was to his liking. My roles here with him and the Management Team are:

  • Website Administrator: In charge of the changes he requests me to make whether it is a page change or him asking me to add a page I will do it for him. This also includes changes to the CSS Code that has been added to the website for some of the things to work like the menu bar.
  • Weekly Updates On The Blog: I am in charge of the weekly update blogs which gives him the opportunity to take a day off from blogging which now he is Monday - Saturdays for blog posts and we all need a day off from work and really been concerned that he isn't taking days off and his motivation isn't there and he hasn't been sleeping much lately during the night and been up most nights half the nights so him having the Sundays at the most off is the best for him. 
  • Any Other Things He Needs: I have been known to help the boss man with other tedious tasks that need to be done such as Podcast notes as that is a long process especially with the Collaboration and that is how he gets it done. We work as a team as an cohesive unit. Also I have been known for fixing his tech issues with the main studio computer and also fixing his sound issues on his mixer and internet and much more.

             So those are the three main roles he has given me, not much, nothing to brag about but the jobs get done and my schedule with him right now is at this moment very clear but I am around in case something breaks on the website and he is unable to fix but the site is running smoothly at this point. I will see you on tomorrows post at the usual time, 11 am EST.


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