Thursday, June 11, 2020

I'm Back To Blogging!

           After several days of not blogging and taking some time off from the blogging and having my staff take it over on the blog here on the website, I have returned! As you know I was under so much stress in the past week and this week, I have dealt with some much drama I just was at a breaking point and I made that decision to walk away for a bit from social media and the website but still do the workload offline. However I was answering messages from friends and I was still active on my personal accounts I.E. Instagram as I was podcasting last weekend with a special guest which drops this weekend on Saturday. Anyways I have been editing the last couple of days and still going at it as this podcast that is dropping is 2 hrs and 28 mins long which probably be less on Audio ONLY but more on Video as any of that content on there will be unedited actually. Also been preparing this week's episode and a bonus episode on Monday hopefully by Sunday we will be announcing when Big Brother is coming on and if it will and also the plan for the YouTube channel. 

            There is a ton of work to be done either way and you probably noticed the last 1.5 days I became a bit more active and took the Twitter over in the last day and a half and that was a sign I was ready to start be active again and that is a good thing cause originally wasn't planning on coming back till Monday next week and taking a week off Social. Thank goodness I have a team to keep an eye on things while I was away. Now I do have to address something on Saturday about the whole YouTube thing as there was concerns with recent changes but I will address all of that Saturday's post and I am writing it this morning.  So I am back and I am raring to go with more content for you guys and excited to what we are going to be bringing to you guys! 


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