Friday, June 12, 2020

The Entertainment Man Talk Show-- The Final Years

               The last week to week and a half ago marked 5 years ago since I last recorded an episode of The Entertainment Man Talk Show and I admit, my emotions have been up and down since then. I remember both Larry and I actually were up at the heritage railway in Uxbridge to record an episode of the web series and was the last episode that was ever recorded as you guys know we were in planning for a 7th Season but that was never happened. We had our ups and downs to whether we were gonna go through with it and September rolls around there was no show, no new episodes. Pretty much yeah, it went on Hiatus and never came off hiatus either. We tolled with the idea for the entire 2015 - 2016 season and even after Larry quit on us we even started to build the set which we had help on. However I had to scrap the set pieces as this was the end of the series when I officially announced the end of the series around this time 4 years ago weeks before my departure from YouTube all together. 

                With this being 5 years since the last episode and 4 since the cancellation of the series, I still wonder where the heck we went wrong. However I cannot dwell on the past and look forward with the future. I am glad we ended at the Heritage Railway and was a great way to say goodbye to the series honestly and go out with a bang after 112 Episodes, 6 Seasons and 8 years on the air. You can still find the first 4 seasons on my YouTube Channel TheDirector015. Anyways I think this is the last time I will speak about it as it is now in the past and I am focused on the podcasts and what I am doing. I am thankful to the cast and crew who helped me over the years and I am considering this finally closure to that era but I wanted to bring this up one final time. I am going address our future with YouTube tomorrow as there has been rumors going around about it recently.


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