Saturday, June 13, 2020

Everything About Reality TV & YouTube!

                As I addressed yesterday on Facebook Live on our Fan Page, we are no longer on FB. I wanna make this a longer explanation as I did not explain it too much at length so this is the post about it. As you guys know we were set to go back to YouTube but apparently one of our really older channels has gotten dislikes galore but that doesn't matter as I have been trying to get it shutdown for quite some time now. However recently our premiere which was set for 2 pm EST was cancelled due to us having a ton of dislikes on it and I'm talking 20 - 30. Someone made sock accounts just to dislike us and also put hateful comments which I will not repeat. So we are continuing to remain Audio ONLY from here on out. We have 0 plans or interest in Video at this point. We have tried several times to return to the YouTube platform and no Buenos on that. We are committed to the Audio ONLY platforms at this point and have deleted the YouTube channel all together. We can re-enable it at any time or place before they permanently delete it but again we have no plans right now. 

                 I was told so many times to stay Audio ONLY and now my team has my back on this and we have discussed this and all are on board with the plan. I should of known better and stayed retired from YouTube and now I am retired. Yes I got a channel for listening to videos and commenting but that's pretty much it. I have no plans to streaming or going back to that website at any point soon. However I may stream on Mixer for the heck of it if they unban my personal account so stay tuned for that. As for YouTube, I am done creating content on that website and got 0 plans to ever stream or create any content. I wanna focus on the Audio ONLY, our website and our network in general.


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