Sunday, June 14, 2020

Chris B On The Web Update [06-14-2020]

              Another week has gone by and it is time for another update. Lots of stuff has happened from drama and hateful stuff going on towards Chris our Founder. However him and I spoke and he's got a plan and we have made all the necessary changes made and this is what has happened:

Everything About Reality TV: We made the permanent staying on Audio ONLY and sticking to it this time around. We have made the mistake with the YouTube return and we ended up 30 dislikes on the channel and hateful comments. So the channel is removed off their website. Also with all the changes with YouTube, we have decided that it is just better for us to remain where we are.

The CBOTW Show: It is no joke, he has and is bringing back The CBOTW Show, another TV Recap Podcast. He wants to add on more shows to the list and he has let his staff know that Power Rangers Podcast will have a place on this podcast. Chris will hopefully start working on this today at some point.

CBOTW Gamers Podcast: A gaming podcast hosting by the only JLDrum aka Jeff. This has been in the works for the past year and a half and quite some difficulty getting it off the ground but it is finally going to happen and is now in the Pre-Production Stages at this point. 

Website: We recently last week added in the 2 new shows and tweaked the Menu bar under Podcasts so all three podcasts sit in the drop menu with no problems. We had some issues with it and it we thought it was in the menu bar code but it wasn't, it was in the CSS code of the website. However it is fixed and all good now. We helped each other out on the issue. 

                 We are most definitely happy with the recent changes made and I think it is the best decision for us. The views are definitely there and you guys seem to listen off our website too besides the other platforms which is definitely great. We are ready for the continuing growth. Also one last thing I wanna address is we got an email from someone about helping us fix this website. I gotta say, in way, shape or form we are in trouble with viewership. We sometimes get between 50 to sometimes 150 views a day! Which is a pile of them. We do not appreciate what was said and we are trying to stay professional and we do not usually share our analytics usually but I wanted to address this and that we are doing just fine and not in danger of losing views. Actually our fan page has grown! We have gained one extra like on the page which we thank you for it and we appreciate it.

Until Next week, 

- CBOTW Team

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