Monday, June 15, 2020

Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show News!

            I have been thinking about this and it's definitely an idea to work with but it will take some time and work.  I have been thinking about handing a few shows down to others and this will bring down the amount of shows that I do as a host for Everything About Reality TV. I am more then willing to do that and willing to do that. However I am planning to not give up every single show as I wanna do shows with this podcast and still wanna be involved host wise. Now I do not plan on giving up on all the shows just at least one more at the most.  Now the plan is the follow:

- Survivor: Me
-Big Brother: Reality Teas (Chris)
-Big Brother Canada: Audition Process for 2021
- Amazing Race: Me
- Amazing Race Canada: Me

                 Now Tough As Nails is just a filler show for this Summer and I do not think I will or would do another season right now but also it depends on the amount of listeners I get and if you guys do enjoy this. Either way we have a show for the summer to fill in the spots in case they decide to not air Big Brother and Amazing Race Canada but Big Brother is sounding like it's happening this summer which is good but we're waiting for OFFICIAL confirmation. 

                  Now onto The CBOTW Show which has been around on and off for the Past 2 Years and honestly I have been thinking about it deeply and yes I wanna bring it back even if it is just on two or three different platforms to start with that is totally fine with me to be honest. I am not gonna push this podcast much to start with. I wanna slowly grow it as that is what I did with Everything About Reality TV Podcast so do not expect a ton of podcast posts with The CBOTW Show at first but we will add more in the very near future. 


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