Tuesday, June 16, 2020

We Have And Adding Chats To ChrisBOnTheWeb.com!

                 Chris gave me the green light to write this post for today's post. As you can see we have been busy around the website as we have been coding our eyes out yesterday which now looks really amazing to be honest! We have been always looking to add new features to the website and yes we had a chatroom on our website at one point but was shutdown due to spam and hate but we realize with this chat when someone is banned, nobody in particular but it's an IP ban. The Community Chat is up and active here on the website and we're around the website if you wanna chat but I am happy to say you guys got a place to go and chat and hangout with everyone else in the community. Only thing is getting it used but we will be leaving it up on a 6 months basis and if it doesn't work out then we will remove them but I am sure we will have a few people here and there. You guys have to realize this was just launched 24 hours ago and we are getting views on the page so that is good. We're around if you wanna talk. Now we have added a few rules to the list and we wanna focus on just chatting with you guys and leaving help to our E-Mail or contact page on our website.  

                 Now to the second "Chat" page it is ready to go but not released as of yet. We are waiting for the Big Brother season to be officially release a date to when the season is going to be starting. It is actually on the website itself just not visible at this time but it is going to come. This Big Brother Lounge will also be the official Chat for Big Brother Canada whenever they decide to renew the season. Chris or myself will update you when things go live but for right now we are sitting on this extra chatroom for right now but we're excited. One final thing I wanted mention is we are working on fixing the drop down and trying to come up with a fix for it as right now the darn thing is a horizontal drop down but we are researching how to fix that so it is what we are working on is to fix the drop down under "Chats" as I said it is the wrong way that we want it to be. 


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