Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Went On A Walk Outside My Area Yesterday!

                Yeah the title is true. I broke my isolation, however since we are in Stage 2, I decided to go outside my comfort zone yesterday and go out for a walk. Now I was at the Lake which wasn't the original plan originally but we went to see the Federal Margaree that was sitting in the port unloading. It was planning to leave yesterday evening. Anyways we went on the new pathway which cool and different I think it took us 30 - 45 minutes of a walk to get to the end and back and I brought my FujiFilm SLR Camera with me thanks my uncle for giving it to me.  Anyways I will include an image of the freighter from between the trees which is one of my best pictures that I have taken yet! 

               Don't let the picture deceive you I was a long way back from the trees. My lens on the camera captured this picture very well. I also took some pictures of flowers and the nature as well while I was out there and on my little walk with my dad. Now at the time I wish I had my fitbit on my wrist but it was charging and it took 24 hours to charge as it was completely dead but I am pretty sure it was pretty dead, Anyways I enjoyed the little trek down to the lake and enjoyed every moment being out and about actually. I know there isn't much to say on this post but it felt good to get out and about for an hour at the most and I was already out earlier in the day shopping for things I needed I.E. getting my Fitbit wrist band replaced as it's been sitting on my night table for quite some time however this walk really felt good to get out and about to be honest. However I got 3 blisters, 2 on the left foot and 1 on the right so I should of really wore my shoes not sandles so I'm suffering through it all. It sure hurts like a bugger. One last thing is I have added one more picture to this post for you guys. 


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