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Friday, October 2, 2020

Chris Returns To ChrisBOnTheWeb Monday!

            It is Official! Chris is returning to ChrisBOnTheWeb and he has his tags ready to go to put em back onto his lanyard around his neck if you look at his Instagram account he posted a pic up of it yesterday. However he is not going to be full time to start with. He will be easing himself back to 4 days a week and we tried splitting up the week and this seems very reasonable. Here is the schedule who is on what week with the day to day operations:

Chris- He will be on Monday through Thursdays doing the day to day operations of ChrisBOnTheWeb including yes, Blogging again! He misses doing the daily blogs. He will even do updates to the website if they need the updates he will update it. Also will be around to answer Social Media and E-Mails and what not.

Jim (Me)- I will be on the weekend shift for running the operations of the website, still answering emails even during the weekday but also during the weekends. This includes Social Media will be under my direction for the Friday through Sundays shifts. I will be on the blog Friday, Saturday & Sundays as usual for the blog. 


          So he will be still on social even on the weekends but more then likely not as active as usual as he probably be working on other projects or taking time off for himself depending how far he is with the collaboration podcasts. This will probably be in affect for about 2 weeks then he will be around CBOTW Monday through Fridays, during the week. This is to not overwhelm him as he is returning to a regular schedule but I think once he is back on during the week, he is going to be off on the weekends with me on the weekend shifts. That is what he told me. Either way I am excited he is finally coming back and I think him easing his way back is the way to go and we just do not know how long till he's fully back or he will be working 5 or 6 days a week and taking weekends off that is to be determined.

Jim, Admin/Community Manager

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Our Founder/Owner Is Getting Close To Returning!

            After the post that Chris did yesterday, I can truly tell that he is ready to come back  to his role as Founder/Owner. It has been a long coming for him to return as our Owner as he has been off for a week and a half. I think the trip up north definitely did him so good and he's finally realized it is time for him to come back and run the day to day operations with me helping him as well. He has to realize he's got the team behind him 150% I am not sure when he will be returning as he's not given any hints whatsoever but he is showing signs he wants to be more involved with ChrisBOnTheWeb as he's been off for sometime now but just cannot tell you guys when that is the question. However he's not being clear when he is coming back but he's starting to realize he needs ChrisBOnTheWeb in his life. It's become a big part of him and his life. Something must of clicked while he was away yesterday. 

            However I can say he is getting close to returning just I wish he would tell us when whether it is next week (Monday) or a week Monday he hasn't said anything to me as of when I wrote this post for the day so I couldn't tell you and probably an announcement will be made by Friday at the latest. We will see but I think he is going to make an announcement today to the staff that he is returning but we can only hope he is on his way back and we will be a full strength of a team again. I can be honest I saw him show some more interest. For those who didn't know he was feeling like he's lost all his interest in what he loves to do and I think it has to do with the fact that this virus and him not able to go to events this year and he's just having no interest in the blogs or podcasts but that all seems to change with him making that post yesterday which brought his spirits up again. We'll all know by Friday morning at the most what he has decided to do. 

Jim, CBOTW Admin/Community Manager

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Chris B On The Web Updates For 06-07-2020

            It is time for the weekly updates for Chris B On The Web for this week and it has been a stressful week for not just me but Chris. He's been under so much stress, there has been so much drama with some staff and  fans but he's fixed things with one of his fans and he wants nothing but the best for the team and the fans. 

1) He's made changes which I will not talk about publicly but it was a tough decision for him. He has to do what's right for the podcast and he's on the right track honestly and he's doing the right thing right now. 

2) The discord server erupted in drama and to the point we had to make the decision to shut down the server. We may make one down the road but we may not but it is a big thing to do. Him and I both deleted our accounts and I think it is the right direction for right now. 

3) Chris recorded a 2 hour and 28 minute podcast last night and currently being worked on. He was up most of the night editing Everything About Reality TV Podcast as he was really just wound up from the last night. 

4) This brings me back to the top topic of the recent drama and problems. Chris has taken some time off social media and left the team and myself to watch the Facebook and Twitter Pages. He hopefully will be back this week and myself, Larry and Chris (Reality Teas) will be keeping an eye on things while he is off Social. I will be taking over the blog for a few days till he's ready to return. 

5) We are still monitoring the Big Brother 22 and Amazing Race Canada and to when it is going to happen so that is one of the other things that is stressing him out the most and he's under immense pressure especially with the YouTube Channel starting but we think it's in a good phase and this first episode that's going up is going to probably explode the channel right outside the gate. Then followed by the preview for Tough As Nails. So if Big Brother 22 isn't going to happen then he has Tough As Nails. We're trying to bring content and Chris (Reality Teas) may pop up here and there for a podcast but it hasn't been discussed fully but it is in the works! We're going to make it work. If Amazing Race 32, and there is no Survivor 41 due to the circumstances of the virus then he has a second plan in his mind and you guys will definitely like it. 

6) Finally he is working on Power Rangers Podcast but has struggled as he has been editing non stop the last couple of days but he is going to watch it this week and he plans to be on track for Mid July if not that early Fall. With everything going on he may be forced to put the production on hold but he's working hard to stay on track and wants to get it done by next week. There is my updates and I will chat with you all tomorrow.

- The CBOTW Team