Monday, February 24, 2020

What's Next For The Studio?

          I know I haven't said much about the studio renovation. Honestly there is stuff to be done around the studio and this is the post what has to be done with the studio, at least my side of things at the most:

1) Ceiling: The ceiling still has the insulation hanging down at some areas and we need to get the drop ceiling put in. It is the last step honestly that needs to be done in the studio renovation. All we have to do is install the frame for the drop down then put in the ceiling titles which isn't overly too heavy, I don't think but we will see when it goes up.

2) Shelves: The Shelves for the most part have to go up and get things back so this way I can go unpack things in studio in the boxes that are at the far side of the studio. There is two sections as we know, there was two shelves technically.

3) Whiteboard: I need to put the whiteboard back in the studio on the right hand side of me where the second microphone is but it makes life so much easier to stay on track with things with the daily activities in the studio.

4) Cork Board: I am adding in the studio the newest thing to the space and that is a cork board which I can put up pictures my niece and nephew have made for me and some other things like reminders and what not.

5) Unpacking: The final step is to unpack everything and put them back on the shelf and I have to find somewhere to put the blue bin as I don't think even on the shelves it will hold it up and not going to take a risk whatsoever with it.

           I do not know what the plan is with the green screen. I do not think I will be honestly using the Green Screen again in the very nearby future as it will be tough to setup with a drop down ceiling without it pulling it down on top of me honestly. I think from here on here it will be sitting on the side and not used from here on out. Also the lights I do have a plan with it and it will be used just have to get the shelves set up. Finally when I get some of the steps done I will continue to update you guys with what is going around with the studio that is a promise I am giving you guys. 


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