Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Do I Have A Plan For Everything About Reality TV's 5th Anniversary?

              Do I Have A Plan For Everything About Reality TV's 5th Anniversary? Well yes we do, however at the moment we are currently trying to figure out right now between now and the end of the summer. We have an idea in the back of our mind honestly and it has been discussed what we have. This is going to be a long discussion and what the plan is and really I do not want to tell you guys, I want you guys to be surprised what we will be doing. Now in the way of recording schedule it will  be done the week before the actual anniversary so we can actually have it edited and posted up for you guys which that I can tell you guys that much information. Now, I am not hiding anything because honestly we are just getting down to the barrel of things with the planning and we have a lot to plan. What really needs to be done well here is what needs to be done:

1) Content; What will we talk about during the episode of the podcast. Need content and I honestly do have a couple of ideas in the back of my mind and that will be discussed over the next several months as we are planning this way ahead of time.

2) Who Will Be Joining Me?; I have a few people in mind and it will truly be an epic episode if things pull through with who I have. I really wanna tell you guys.

3) When?; The question is when do we want to record this podcast? When are the people involved with the podcast available. Now I did mention it would be done the week before the actual podcast goes up which, I know the date which is Thursday, September 24th, 2020, however that is and probably will be the premiere date for Survivor 41 so that does complicate things and it will needs a well needed discussion so that is that question for us indeed.

                  So right now, I cannot give answers but there is an anniversary plans coming and excited to talk about what we have planned for the podcast but right now we cannot give you guys the who what where when answers as we just started this planning process and we do not even know if there is a Season 41 of Survivor right now as we are currently in the Survivor Winners At War Season but yes I have heard rumors they are planning on 41 and 42 and beyond so with regards to The 5th Anniversary going up it may be tough to give you guys an answer right now. However we will figure it out and when we have answers for the 5th anniversary then we can start telling you the information. Mind you we will not be telling you who is going to be on it as that is a surprise but were excited for the 5th Anniversary. 


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