Wednesday, February 26, 2020

I Am Feeling Alot Better!

               Lately I have been feeling depressed and some of it has to do with some of things that I have had to deal with lately which I am not going into any detail whatsoever about it. However, I have noticed since making changes in my life and getting rid of the negativity around me in my life, I have felt a ton better. Just been a ton more productive in the last month then ever. I have worked so hard on the podcasts and collaboration Podcast. I have actually worked on things and honestly it has kept me busy and not thinking the fact that I am depressed. Honestly I also found going out and about really keeps my mind off of things and fresh air is definitely a good thing. I can use yesterday for example. I went out and about not once but twice I was out and I will explain this. I had to run errands for today, let's put it lightly I had to refill my Presto card so I can travel on the GO Train today on my journey to Toronto with my dad. Also I decided to grab a Ice Cap on the way to the bus and it is nice to reward myself too. Now the second time after I got home and got some work done I took  an hour or so to myself to just take a mental break from things. So being back outside felt really good honestly and was an excuse to get my steps in for the day and I almost doubled my everyday 6k steps. 

               The Point is I feel really good and today is going to make me feel even a lot better as you know I am going to be back out and about today and the fact, I get away from the studio is a good thing and fresh air really clears my head. Moving forward you will see a very focused and happier Chris. Yes some days I will have my moments but don't we all have moments. I believe that is what you call daily life. Life throws us Lemon, as the saying goes? I have noticed recently been taking more time to myself, getting out and about during the days minus weekends most of the time I am home. However when I am home, I take time to even go for 30 - 40 minute walks and getting out and about. I can be honest I am not one for just sitting around, I have to move around. I am a doer not a sitter so to speak. Also I haven't really been running many errands for CBOTW and I need to get out to run those errands. I haven't had a chance with the editing of the most recent podcasts that has or is going up on the website. I am going to continue to go out and about as it is truly helping and anything to get my mental health back to normal.


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