Thursday, February 27, 2020

Thoughts On Lying, Trust and Happiness

              Now this is a subject that I have never really covered this blog before but what do I think of lying? Obviously I am the most truthful, open and honest person you guys can ever meet. I was raised to be a honest person and I admit things pretty quickly and do not hide how I really feel. Now lying, I just do not like and been lied to in the past or people turning their back on me out of nowhere. I have even been helping with making my niece and nephew a very honest person. Honestly lying, I find it as it breaks a point of trust with anyone and I honestly find it tough to keep a friendship afloat as well. Lying just hurts the relationships you are in or even a friendship or even within your own family, they will find it tough to honestly trust you again. It will also make you having to earn their trust back in the process which can take a very long time and I know how it feels. Look at Eric and Larry for example, they both have had our differences in the past with one another but look at us. I can really say that both of them are 2 of my best friends now and we are our friendship is so strong now. I am using them as an example as I said we have had a rocky friendship at times and I will not go into detail but the point I am trying to make, were stronger then we were before.

            You know I have been too trusting and I admit that co-heartily and this year, I think I am going to change things  this year and going to be tougher with that honestly. Last year I had friends turn on me and I felt like an outcast and I think I just feel like I was too trusting and be lied to. I want to be a happy and healthier person. I openly admit my mental health this year needs to change . Honestly change is good and I am good with change now these days. When I was just found out that I have autism, which you guys know I do not talk about very often online but I found change tough but now, it's a piece of cake for me and I am good with change to this day. So this is my thoughts on lying, trust and happiness and I hope you guys enjoyed this topic and if you guys would like any other topics to cover on the blog, please let me know in  the comments below.


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