Monday, December 30, 2019

CBOTW Upcoming Schedule Late December 2019/Early 2020

              I know I have been hyping it up on social media recently and it is time to remind you guys on some changes made recently in the last 12 hours or longer to CBOTW. As you know I have been struggling with getting back into the swing of things but I have tweaked my schedule and yesterday I am guilty of not following my damn schedule (LOL). Oh well, I'm da boss I can take time off when I want but like I said there is no time for rest as we're close to the re-launch of one of the Podcasts soon and you will know as you read further into this post. Here are the changes:


As you know we are in the holiday season and the studio here which is currently very quiet here right now but it is about to become 10x busier soon. Below this is the schedule between now and the new Year which has been posted also to social media a few days ago as well:

Mon, Dec 30th, 2019- All Day
Tues, Dec 31st, 2019- Half a Day
Wed. Jan 1st, 2020- Studio Closed
Thurs. Jan 2nd, 2020- Regular Schedule


January 14th, 2020: Everything About Reality TV- Off Season Podcast will be posted up. Not sure if it will be me or my other host that is not confirmed yet but once I have an idea if their going to post anything up, you will definitely be first to know!

February 2020: No OFFICIAL Date yet for Power Rangers Podcast but yes it is on the timetable in the New Year to be recorded and if I have to I will do it at this tiny desk we will but it will be done and posted up for you guys. This is the OFFICIAL word it is coming back and it is in the plans and it has been a long wait but it is returning and both Larry and I apologize for any delays.

February 4th, 2020: Will be the official Start for our 13th Season of Everything About Reality TV with Survivor: Winners At War Preview Podcast a week and 2 days before we air the first recap of the season.

               There is the list of when projects/podcasts are returning to it's normal regular schedule programming in 2020. Right now we're on a bit of a hiatus but blog posts will continue to be a regular thing around the website and we appreciate your understanding during this holiday season and hope you all are having a wonderful holiday as I sure am and enjoying the time with my family as well. I will see you all tomorrow for the final post of 2019 as we ring in the New Year, 2020!


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