Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 Year In Review!

            I admit this year has had it's highs and low from ex staff drama to struggling with my own podcast after 4 years to what has ended on a really high note. I will explain. January saw the final season I covered Music City CMT which I have had mixed emotions for the entire year with no renewal nothing. As for Celebrity Big Brother it was a fun season to cover honestly. Anyways next on my list was the announcement of the studio renovations which is still on going right now and business as usual during the renovations which honestly it's looking good and envisioning what it will look like when it is completely finished and even with a desk rebuilt as you have seen on the post about the one nail holding the damn infernal thing together the entire time which I was unaware of honestly.... LOL! Now the entire drama with my ex staff made me realize I do not need to call em alumni anymore they are considered former staff even the ones I still am connected with they have always been up to speed that goes on here and even Larry who has been very active since 2018 with the Power Rangers Podcast. Which brings me to the next point the low of this year the lack of that podcast as you know we normally produce 4 episodes twice a year which wasn't the case this year and come 2020 which is 12 hours or less away that is about to all change and excited to say honestly as you will have seen in the previous post on here.

              The biggest excitement was me doing this for a living, making money from both the podcast and also the website itself which is what I have been building this website up to be eventually but it was just the matter of time and this month (December) it finally did happen and excited for what 2020 brings. With saying that I would like to wish you all a very happy and safe New Years and please to remember if you are going out to use public transit, cab or Uber to get home safely and to not drink and drive as there has been a ton of that during the holiday season here this year which isn't right whatsoever. I will talk to you tomorrow for the big 2 day reveal for CBOTW and trust me you do not want to miss it as it will be definitely an amazing announcement that is coming up for 2020! It has indeed been hard to contain the excitement and hard to keep my mouth shut what is coming up but the wait is indeed almost over and excited to hear your feedback for 2020 and please let me know what you think when you read it tomorrow what you think and if you are excited for 2020 and what is to come! Again Happy New Year and see YOU ALL in 2020!


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