Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year! Plans For 2020!

               So for those who wonder I had to write this for a second time. The app on the site to blog decided to erase this entire post but yet this is done weeks ago as I have a lot to update you guys with the plan is for 2020. So there is 4 big things going on for Chris B On The Web, moving into 2020 and here are they are:

1) Blog- One of the biggest things on this site besides the 3 podcasts which I will be getting to shortly is the blog. Where all the information comes from with updates, food reviews, events and much much more. Well come 2020, will have Larry even write a food review for the blog as him and I have a pile of places to go to, Popeyes, Mr. Burger, Five Guys Burger, Starr Burger and much more I am sure when it comes to reviews. Also events I will be doing once again and pretty much the same ones as I did this year.

2) Everything About Reality TV- The Podcast is indeed coming back for an astonishing 13th season in the New Year and we are bringing on someone new and they will be covering Big Brother Canada sometime February into March which is exciting and happened just before Christmas happened.  Also Feb 13th is the premiere of the 13th season with Survivor: Winners At War followed by Big Brother Canada and Amazing Race 32 (hopefully soon) Schedule for the podcast is coming out tomorrow with the official reveal!

3)The Sports Hour W/ Billy- The Sports Hour was brought pretty much half way through last year and by last fall it became to be and just started towards the end of last year and this year will be indeed a really, really big year for his podcast moving forward and excited to see where this podcast goes in the future!

4)  The Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast & Other Collabs- For other collabs nothing really planned as nobody has approached me about anything but definitely up to offers and we can definitely do something I am sure! Also for those are wondering yes this Year we will be bringing Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast back but we are waiting till the studio is back to normal and it's getting there and been trying to keep you guys updated but it is on hold and it is just a waiting game for Larry and I. I can say the current Podcast is done and awaiting recording and excited top get recording for sure!

                There is the 4 big things going for The Podcasts and what is going on around Chris B On The Web in 2020 and you noticed I am not on the other one and I am OK with my decision and really gives me the chance to focus on CBOTW and 2020 is going to be definitely a big and busy year for me as this year I find out the future of Everything About Reality TV after the Winter/Spring Season is finished if Survivor is returning and if there will be a 15th season or not that will be determined. Also the food reviews and events and all that I have said above as well. Finally I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year and wish you all the best for 2020!


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