Thursday, January 2, 2020

New Addition To Everything About Reality TV and Winter/Spring Schedule 2020!

                It is with my great pleasure and honor to introduce Jasmine to the team as they will be covering Big Brother Canada Season 8 in the Winter/Spring season in February or March of 2020. I am for once excited for this new opportunity to come and both of us are excite to what is coming. Now I know last year when I covered it I did it twice a week but this week we both agreed Jasmine will be covering it once a week on a new day. Anyways here is the time table for the Winter/Spring 2020:

Thursdays, 9 pm EST: Survivor 40- Winners At War RECAP (With Me, Chris, Starting Thursday, February 13th, 2020)

Saturdays, 9 pm EST: Big Brother Canada Season 8 RECAP (With Jasmine, Date to be Announced Soon)

Amazing Race 32: I am awaiting on the news for this coming season and I just do not know when to expect it. It could be in the Spring time or it could be in the Fall on top of Survivor 41 if Survivor is confirmed for a 41st season but right now I am keeping the show off the timetable for now and I am more then likely putting it on the waiting to be scheduled but they said it will be out mid season in 2020 so I am guessing either the winter or the spring sometime but again this can change and never know I could of changed this but if not then what you see here is the schedule as this was written on Decmebrr 15th 2019.

                I am excited for all these changes and additions to the podcast and if all goes well I will be offering Big Brother 22 come summer time as well to our newest member. With saying that I want to say welcome Jasmine to the team, we're all excited to have you aboard the Chris B On The Web Family. We cannot wait to hear you on the podcast and let's get this podcast up to 300 episodes this year!


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