Wednesday, September 18, 2019

I Have Had a Bunch of Questions Lately!

            Throughout social media DM's (direct or private messages) about the future of Everything About Reality TV and yes I know exactly what is going to happen but addressing the future so here is a couple of the questions I will address:

1) Will Big Brother be back in 2020? Yes, I already mentioned it on a post on here and on social media that I will be bringing it back in 2020 and that plan to bring someone on to cover the show will be there. So yes it will be back.

2) What will happen when Everything About Reality TV Podcast slows down in episodes if a show that is cover ends? Well I am already thinking that has already happened as I do not think there will be a 3rd season of Music City CMT as I have not heard anything to what is going on which is sad as you guys know I have enjoyed doing those recaps for quite some time now. However do not forget I still got Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast that I can work on and also Punk Rock Cheeseburger.

3) What Will Happen when Everything About Reality TV Podcast ends? Now I have thought about this in the last couple of days as I was really thinking about the future after this podcast ends but I do have a plan but will not yet announce anything as of yet. I wanna ensure that I want to do this after my own podcast is done.

4) When is The Sports Hour W/ Billy starting?  Like I said before Mid October/Early November is when he projects for it to start and will be remaining on Audio ONLY unless that changes down the road.

5) Is there an timeline for CBOTW Gamers Podcast with Lieberman starting? Not yet, he needs to get a few things before he starts so it is in the planning mode and if something did happen to where he couldn't do it or when it starts I will make the announcement to you guys no strings attached.

                 I know this is kind of a continuation of this podcast post yesterday but a bunch of them were added and I had to re-iterate the first question as I said Big Brother will be back for 2020 but also other questions involving the other two podcasts on the list including mine as well. I hope this clears things up and please keep this in mine when asking me questions as I will be pointing this to you guys to this post but ask any new questions and I may just do this post in the very nearby future again. I clearly did enjoy do a small Q & A  on here so ask away!


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