Monday, September 16, 2019

Little Toronto Transit Issue Saturday.... We Didn't Know!

              So as I said yesterday's blog we had a mishap with the Toronto Transit Commission but I wouldn't call it a mishap, more like we didn't plan ahead or look ahead of ourselves to make sure there was no inconveniences but nope we  didn't and that is honestly our own fault and we should of not waited to find out when we were about a kilometer away when I looked and realized that there is no subway service between certain stations so we had to re route all the way into West Toronto which I am very familiar with as you guys know I go to evictions twice a last year with the first one being the premiere of Big Brother Canada which was the second time I had the honors to do that so it was easy to know my way around as we were in the Etobicoke area again and it sure has my imprint. We parked at Islington Station which mind you yes that is ways away but yet it is indeed closer into the two festivals, Ukrainian and Polish Festival. So either way we were close to the festivals and not much traveling to do honestly. However that did affect to where we were going to church for Sunday however but we managed to get a different parish to go to which that was figured out very quickly. 

                  So either way we figured out how to get ourselves to the festival and with even the subway service limited between certain stations, we still managed to get to two festivals and we had a great time and we did make up the time from the Ukrainian Festival to the Polish we sure did make up time between the events and everything was back on track by the time we were down in Roncesvalle for the Polish Fest so we managed to somehow make up time for this little transit issue. It is a good thing my dad knows Toronto very well because I would never know where the heck I was going minus for Big Brother Canada which I now know the route very, very well now but I am learning and I do remember routes very easily but still wanna learn to get my way around Toronto and figure out routes as my dad will not be around forever to do events in Toronto such as the Royal Winter Fair which I do plan on continuing on the tradition whether if I even bring a guest to it we will eventually see. Either way still a good day and we got to the event one way or another.


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