Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happy Easter! | Changes With Chris B On The Web

               First of all Happy Belated Easter to you all! Hope you had a wonderful Easter, I sure as heck did! Between family, podcasts, blogs, cooking and fixing the bloody website, I pretty well wore myself out within that entire week and even after Easter I am still trying to catch up on stuff to this very day. But tomorrow will be a joyous day as ChrisBOnTheWeb.com will be reopening after a full week closed due to server issues and problems for about 40 hours late of last week. But at last that can be put behind me and everything is going to go back to normal and all podcasts this week should be out on the day of, no doubt about it now! 

              Update: Website is re-opening today at some point during the daytime. It was decided to take an extra day or so to work out any bugs that there was on the website everything should be ready to go this morning for the return of the website! 

Have a great Night!


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