Friday, April 14, 2017

Website & Podcast Updates!

Good morning everyone,

             Yes I have been lacking blog posts lately as shit hit the fence this week in the Chris B On The Web universe so to speak and yes I know it's the middle of the night right now when I am typing this up. First the server the site that you know and love, is on went all fucky, wait is that even a word?! LOL!  I took that line from Family Feud that was said by one of the contestants of one of the two family's. Anyways, I am way off track aren't I? So what the server ended up doing and I got solid proof evidence what happen too but the images on the website went down, the background went from black background with on the right side to an awful bright white background. That just pissed me right the heck off and I pretty well reset the site on the server to see if that helped? Nope, still had that same b.s. as before. I just had enough I pretty well ripped the entire site apart trying to fixing it and also we were getting 403 and 500 Errors on the website. Took about 40 hours for everything to clear up as it was the bloody server decided to go wonky once again but now I gotta fix all my screw ups from messing around with the blasted website which is on hold till Monday, after the Easter Holidays, I gotta get Big Brother Canada done today and Amazing Race 29 recorded as well this way I am on the right track for the rest of the week. Then later on today I need to get baking for Easter dessert, and tomorrow start prepping for Easter dinner tomorrow! It never ends, then Easter Dinner Sunday then Monday back to the grind of things and get the website back up and running Monday with no time for myself but hopefully by Tuesday I will take a personal day for myself this way I can decompress after a busy week this week but I doubt it would happen, ha ha! Knowing me being the workaholic I am, I'll be working on my website until it is up and running fully. 

               Now last night, Stitcher whom The "Everything About Reality TV" Podcast is with in the way of partnership, problem that has happened before in the past and I am pretty well have had it with their issues, I even checked the RSS Feed and all is well on that end so it has to be them being slammed with new shows again? Possibly, I have already making new plans to go to Player.FM for my podcasts along with and but also I am making plans to get my podcast out on ITunes in the very near future once I fix the logo so it looks nicer then it is currently! So that is where I am at with the status of the site and podcast and hope to have more updates by Monday where everything stands.

Have a Great Friday/TGIF!


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