Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Is CBOTW Gamers Podcast Really Done?!

                I know, I haven't mentioned this podcast in many, many months. That is because the interest of this podcast hasn't really been there at this moment.  I know this has once again has surfaced again and the mention of this podcast brings back such bad memories with it as you guys know the history behind this podcast. However there has been talk about a future podcast and this is way down the road. Not right now but we're talking near 6 - 8 years from now. Yes I spoke to someone and we're going to look into this podcast down the road. Really there is no mention of a gaming podcast but you never know on a revival of this podcast is a possibility but it is hard to really tell if there is a future in this podcast. So I cannot really tell you guys if it is coming back or not. If I had it my way I rather bury this podcast and forget this train wreck that it has been and maybe, just maybe it is best to actually start fresh with something different but again I do not know at this point. The future isn't written that far ahead.  I cannot write 6 - 8 years from now.

              I can say this-- I sure as heck hope ChrisBOnTheWeb still exists in that far time frame and that I continue this crazy adventure with this website. 7 Years is coming up and I cannot believe I have survived this long. I can see CBOTW hitting it's 10 year mark easily now that I am on my own and collaborating with other people, friends, fans, other podcasters, etc. Either way I think for the most part I can shutdown this rumor of CBOTW Gamers Podcast coming back as I have tried time and time again to make this podcast work. You never know I could end up bringing it back under a different name and with me be as Exec Producer/Host and even a Co-Host in the running too but again that is for the future of ChrisBOnTheWeb, not right now.  I wanna focus on the 3 projects I am currently doing at this moment, Entertainment Man Podcast, Power Rangers Collab Podcast, and Big Brother Collab Podcast. Anything is possible for the future just right now I have to focus the present. 


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