Monday, May 10, 2021

More About The Podcasts & Collaboration Podcasts!

              I wanna add this to the list of what is On-Air will be around and the ones that are not as often (Collaboration Podcasts.) Friendly reminder all podcasts are Audio ONLY and are listed below whether it's on here on nor both Audio ONLY + 

On Air Weekly:

Entertainment Man Podcast: Weekly, Mondays Starting June 7th, 2021 @ 1 pm EDT Hosted by Chris. ( + Audio ONLY)


Big Brother Collaboration Podcast: Seasonal, Big Brother Canada (March - May); Big Brother US (Late June - Mid/Late September), Days are to be determined prior to the season beginning. Hosted by Chris & Co-Hosted by Jasmine (

One Off Podcasts:

Collaboration Podcasts: These are random and happen at anytime throughout the year if someone wants to do some kind of collaborative work with me on a certain topic. Hosted by Chris and guest. (

Power Rangers Collab Podcast: The Podcast you guys all know and love over the years is also airing typically 3 times a year, February, June and October of each and every year Hosted by Chris and Co-Host Larry. (

             There is the list of projects I am currently working on and I know the website is still needing to be updated again and Matt and I been working overnights on improving the website and putting more into this website. Enjoy all this amazing content on my website and very proud of being able to collaborate with friends and add more content to the list.


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