Friday, May 7, 2021

I'm Adding A Second Collab Podcast Series To My List!

             The title above does not lie. Both myself and Jasmine have come to an agreement and I wish we kept things the way they were with us just doing a Big Brother Collaboration Podcast that is ONLY EXCLUSIVE to the website. It would of made things less complicated. The other thing we are doing is non Recap wise, we are taking the Post Evictions which mind you it was popular over the Recaps and tells me nobody really cared about the Recaps so what we are doing and should of done along with the Big Brother Canada 9 Season was just the post eviction chats once a week this probably lower our stress levels completely. So this brings me into our return to Big Brother Reality TV World. I know I was supposedly retired from Reality TV World but decided to continue on with this with a fresh start. So this weekend at some point, do not know when technically  either tomorrow or Sunday, you guys will be getting a Post Big Brother Canada 9 Podcast at some point this weekend and very excited for this. This does mean we will be covering Big Brother 23 this summer and we will be only focusing on Post Eviction Chats where we talk about the game and the game moving forward. Now we will be doing Picks updates like we did with BBCAN9 but will be only updating every 2nd week which will look like this:

Week # 1: Post Eviction Chat

Week # 2: Post Eviction Chat W/ Draft Updates

                We are keeping things simple and easy this time around, now I do not have any information on Pre BB23 at this moment as we just finished up Big Brother Canada 9 as of last night and we are in the process of improving the draft so we do not have a ton of minus in the picks. Anyways a ton of work to do before we start and try this again for the 3rd time. Third time is a charm right? I hope things are going to be fine this time around. We almost made it to the end of BBCAN9 Season but came up short by 3 weeks. Anymore info I will keep you guys up to date but for right now, Matt has added the Big Brother Collab Podcast Page and added it to the list along with the return of our Archives. There is more I wanna say but you will have to wait till Monday unfortunately. Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there including my own as well. 


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