Thursday, May 6, 2021

When Will Video's Start Going Up Here On The Website?

                  I know there is an extra content tab that has the behind the scenes tab and I can say this, it is coming! As of already, I got videos I did, 4 of them to be exact that are now up. This weekend I am doing a review on my Samson SR850 Professional headphones and going to try and do videos once a week at the most if I can. Maybe a Vlogs page perhaps too? These Black Web Headphones suck, their not very good. Yet they were expensive enough. Anyways you can see product reviews even on the website as well, I think it would be a great way to promote it and please be aware I am going to be positive in any of my videos, no Chris rants or complaining things. I am trying to be a positive and happy person and I wanna do some of these fun videos. You never know what kind of reviews you guys are going to get product wise. 

                I wanna do a  ton of video content, reviews, behind the scenes look at podcasting getting ready for a podcast Day In The Life and much more.  I am so excited for this new venture within the podcasts and blogs and kind of take to the very next level. This wasn't just my idea, it was Matt's idea as well. He recommended this idea and I totally agreed with him with doing this great idea. Yes we are having to make 2 accounts with Archive, one is for the Podcasts and the other one is for the video side of things in case we lose the account but I doubt as I said before nothing but positivity in the videos and also going to be fun as well. Gives me a reason to use my web cams as I currently am not recording podcasts on video at this moment. Anyways that is the news with the bonus content and stay tune to social media when Matt and myself start posting up 


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