Wednesday, May 12, 2021

More Minecraft Server Updates [05-12-2021]

 It has been a while since an update and yes this is the new world that both my nephew and I have built. Before we had nothing, now we have a obsidian wall with water and lava falls so any creature good or bad comes back they can be burnt. No clue how. Now as for the glass, we had no choice to put that up due to this clowns with cross bows are swimming up the water falls and over which ain't Bueno which means no good in my books I never even mentioned putting up a glass wall to my nephew, I just put it up without his ok but he was cool with it. Then he said why don't we put a dome or in his words can I put a dome and I was fine, I was heading that way eventually but tore it down but rebuilt it. He helped out with some but I had extra time and worked on the roof and walls and now we have our own society. As you can see below a line of brick and that is our railway to the sand land which I will get to in a moment. We also build my niece a house it's in the back which you cannot see as the render distance is acting up. As for the lines that is the crater creeping out of the crater itself.

Now to the end of the railway part we, I mean I started to build the second house and we have a second portion coming. My nephew and I spoke in person about the ideas and we have a sleuth of ideas and things to build which will keep us busy. This house is currently under construction at this moment.  It is all work in progress and when I have another update I will be sure to provide you guys with more as they progress on but for now no more updates at this moment. I hope you all enjoyed this update and I will talk to you all tomorrow as I have an updating on one of the projects I am currently working on. 


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