Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Mentally Preparing....

                  As you know I have been hinting two projects, CBOTW Gamers Podcast & Ghostwriter Collaboration Podcast and I will explain both projects and where I'm at for the stages of both projects:

CBOTW Gamers Podcast: I am nowhere even remotely close to launching this podcast but what I am doing is building a channel for this and it will be a slow process and yes, I am referring to CBOTW Studios channel that I have started up on YouTube and how well it's grown since. I know the past weekend I wasn't live whatsoever on it and that was cause of working on Power Rangers Collab which had the priority. However when the time comes and I am ready to go I have a co host lined up and ready to go but this may not be for years down the road right now.  At this moment I wanna continue to grow the channel so when the podcast starts we have listeners and I think I have done a fantastic job thus far growing that channel as it has a very bright future. 

Ghostwriter Collaboration Podcast: As you know Power Rangers is wrapping up with it's upcoming 30th season and it has probably made you guys wonder what is next for the collaboration podcasts and we still have one off podcasts to do, movies etc. However there will be a point for us where we have no more ideas so this is where Ghostwriter Collaboration Podcast comes into play for us and it has been talked about for the last year to year and a half now and it has come to full circle and there is a page on here that exists for this podcast so this is me telling you guys that I am very, very serious about the next phase of collaboration podcasts and we will let you guys know when we plan on starting this. 

                   Those are the two projects in the mentally preparing stages, like I said I'm getting mentally prepared, there is no changes at this moment as I said many times, Entertainment Man Podcast and Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast is my # 1 priority right now and I am making that my # 1 priority right now. So that is today's post, I will speak to you all tomorrow for a special post I am going to make. 


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