Thursday, April 27, 2017

Rough Re-Launch But is BACK! And Got NEWS!

          Well it was a really rough and stressful re-launch tonight as it has been a very, very stressful night for me to get the site working properly, work out the bugs and just get the site at least operational once again.

           First issue I had was the front page images weren't set up again which was my entirely my fault in the process I totally wasn't thinking at all and that was my fault so I ended up delaying the re-launch by 30 minutes. Once I was ready to re-launch problems galore, had issues with the drop down menu on one of the Menu options at the top, that being the tab called "Podcasts" which is home to the podcasts that are currently running on Chris B On The Web&! Also the icon at the top of the page, some page showed the Chris B On The Web logo, some showed 000webhost which is my provider currently that my site is built on.  So with that I had to mad scramble to fix the issues on the website, first the navigational bar which took about 15 - 20 minutes to fix which I was finally satisfied with finally with the navigational bar which has all the pages on the website. Then there was an issue with the freaking footer which is located at the bottom of the page for those who didn't know where the footer was on a website or what it was. So talk about major issues with the website today, it was very insane evening on top of my Rogers Internet being a pain in the neck as well so it was full of frustrations on a Tuesday night but hey we got through em all! 

            Now that I explained all the issues with the website here is my news that I have that involves Chris B On The Web. Justin, Jeff and I been keeping this for quite some time now and I have been talking about it on Twitter here and there that a new podcast was in the works, aka CBOTW Gamers Podcast. The original plan was for me to Host and have a Co-Host but now I am proud to say Chris B On The Web & has brought on a Host to replace me and Adam for that podcast so I can primarily focus on "Everything About Reality TV" and this person I've known for many, many years since the days of So without further Ado I would like to welcome  and welcome back Jeff Lieberman to the team since days and I know you will do a great job on this monthly Podcast the first week of the Month. You will see him post up blog posts as he has free reign on this blog as well and will post up from time to time whether its sports talk or just random chit chat, he has the privileges as an author to this blog. Please note his podcast is in the early stages of planning, not day and time has been set when it get recorded or posted up on, he still needs to get a computer to record it with and possibly a headset with a mic so it is good quality sound but myself or Jeff will let you know when we have it set in schedule.


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