Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Taking Risks!

                  As I am typing this, I realize now that both Justin & Jeff want nothing but the best for Chris B On The Web and I agree, this is why I have decided to let Jeff do The CBOTW Gamers Podcast and there has been talks about it for the last few months but I can definitely guaranteed it will happen in the near future. There is a few things that need to be done to ensure Jeff is ready:

1) Get himself a new Twitter account since i got 2 or 3 of his permanently suspended, he will have to re-establish himself on there.

2) Get a laptop

3) Schedule the day of the first week of the month.

4) Get the necessary training he needs how to do the introduction since it is all Pre-Recorded, nothing currently Live.

So with that I am willing to take this risk, to trust Jeff enough that he can do the podcast once a month and I've known Jeff since at least 2009 and I should be able to trust him around my site and doing content both on the Chris B On The Web Blog and on his podcast. Trust has been a very big issue for me over the last year, first Chance letting me down on a chat, which has put myself in question can I take this big risk especially this early in the rebuild game? I am always one for taking risks and trying things out if they do not work I change things up I decide to not do that set thing whatever it can be. I am always a big risk, I like to take the risks but it sometimes or break Chris B On The Web. However I shouldn't be afraid to make such risks especially if and when opportunity comes a knocking.

Have a great Wednesday!


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