Friday, July 12, 2019

CBOTW Gamers Podcast Will Return One Day???

             I know this has been an on going problem trying to get this podcast up and running and my nephew has approached me about even just being on as a guest to talk video games, however I have tried so many times to get it back up and running from taking over from another host and my nephew and I been talking about it but right now is not the right time as I have told him that it will have to wait and the reason I want to wait is 1 I want him to focus on school and 2 that I am quite busy with Everything About Reality TV and now is definitely not the right time to bring it back as the schedule just simply does not fit right now as from season to season it really is hard to tell if I can make the time at this moment but I am working on the details behind the scenes so I am getting there but I do not know how close I am to being ready. I may wait a several years as I have stated in the past that right now things are really hectic these days especially now with me part of again which means I am streaming Everything About Reality TV. I rather play things by ear day by day rather then making a commitment now then it failing down the road it is not worth it. I wanna invest in my time to make the podcast a very huge success honestly. This could become a every second week if this was to eventually happen, however not sure if you guys would tune into it.

               However I have other ideas I wanna to bring to the table in the way of other podcasts that would be more on a weekly basis so I am tolling with so many different ideas as I am now not sure this podcast would actually be doable now and I have tried to make this podcast work but cause of one person screwing things up I just it is better to just to put it on the shelf for good as it is just not going to work as its been tried, time and time again and I know I promised my nephew to actually do something but at this point I will have to have a sit down and tell him I have no plans to bring it back at this point. I think I should just do something completely new and like I said I do have new plans for down the road and it will be a nice change of pace I'm sure it will be another success one way or another.


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