Saturday, July 13, 2019

Was Transitioning From Podcasting To YouTube Easy?

              I probably never really spoke about this ever in the years I have been thinking about in the past few weeks honestly but the transition from YouTube was not easy as you know you guys were part of the entire transitioning stages and the entire rebuild of Chris B On The Web and It took me a long time to get my name out there and to become popular as it is to this day. First of all building the podcast from what I had on YouTube and rebuilding that audience I once had and it took me a long time. As you know I started with Mixcloud then the move to and the rest is history. I never thought in 3.5 years my podcast would be on 12 different platforms or networks this fast. I am the one that put it on Tunein, ITunes, Stitcher and Player FM but the rest, well the platforms just automatically added in the podcast which is great! The more added the better the podcast gets well known! 

                  Finally the website which had numerous issues over the years and the web builder I had had me shut down twice for no reason when I did abuse whatsoever so it was a red flag for me and as you know I made the move to here on blogger which definitely was the best move and I am now quite happy with this website the way it is but that was another headache and a half for me for a very long time. Either way once I got 1.5 year into all of this I managed to deal with it and able to get a good rhythm going minus a few times I was not on schedule from time to time but that has changed recently and honestly I am truly always on schedule 90% of the time with the odd times I am off schedule at times. It wasn't easy but glad I went through this transition from YouTube to Podcasting and no regrets whatsoever as I am enjoying podcasting.


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