Sunday, July 14, 2019

Knowing When To Stop or Slow Down....

            I haven't done one of these advice posts in a while. Sometimes you need know when to stop and the example I have is that I have not stopped in 7 months now up to the point of me just feeling burnt out but not clue how on earth I manage to keep on going or manage to continue. The point is sometimes you need to take a step back and say stop. You need a break from things and that is my flaw is that I always have to be doing something that is my issue honestly. But sometimes you just gotta say no, that's enough, take a break from whatever you are doing, whether you are a YouTuber, Podcaster or Blogger at some point you sure as heck do need a mental break from things and just sit back and relax and just have time to yourself but with me I just refused to do that and wait till the last minute on things no wonder I am stressed the heck out 24-7. It seems that I end up procrastinating till the last second but the problem is I pile it on too much at a time so that doesn't help whatsoever and it is my fault entirely to not stopping. This can be a great example to you guys to sometimes stop and rest you're mind which you need from time to time. I mean you cannot go without a break it is just not healthy whatsoever.

            Now sometimes you need to just slow down and not over do it in a day. I do recommend to do a schedule this way you guys know what the heck you are doing each and everyday and to limit what you do but I understand you gotta get things done but I mean for example for me if it is a day for the podcast, then that is my main focus for the day. Recently been focusing on two different things at once recently tho with both this blog and getting the podcasts out before I go away on holidays so it was understandable while I was multi tasking but sometimes you just gotta slow down and take your time and actually take time to yourself as well. Either way I hope this sort of helps you if you feel stressed out and just do not know what to do is to slow down or just say stop if it is non work related and you will feel much better and I feel a ton better since getting back from holidays with my parents and raring to go once again. Final note is that starting tomorrow, I will be writing blog posts on the day of the post going up. Everything is going back to normal and a special announcement post tomorrow as well. 


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