Sunday, October 28, 2018

Favorite TV Shows To Watch That Isn't Reality TV

             So on this double blog post for today which rare with my blog but I decided what the heck why not do another one for you guys. Today we are going to talk about my favorite TV Shows that I watch and it can be past shows and shows I watch show now which is sort of limited now to these days but do watch em and I have a bunch new and old so here is my list of my favorite TV Shows:

CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY- All my favorites from the original to the one in Miami, to the one in NY, I watched a good majority of the seasons from start to finish and i enjoyed it, minus the miniatures part in the original CSI but glad they eventually wrapped up that little series. Also love the storyline for CSI NY at certain parts of the series. 

McGyver- My mom introduced me to this series and I didn't start watching till mid season when Thorton was fired and arrested  and the entrance of Maddy but I do enjoy the show each and every week and it can be funny from time to time as well.

Hawaii 5-O- Another Reboot show on the list and once again my mom got me into the show and I actually really enjoy it each and every week. I find the bickering between McGarrett and Dano to be hilarious. Currently watching this season along with McGyver.

Magnum P.I- Another show my mom got me into and I wasn't sure how I was going to take it but I actually liked it and planning on continuing on the nearby future to continue to watch the series on TV. 

Family Feud-  One of my 2 favorite TV Shows to watch that I actually watch every single day. Steve Harvey is one of the best hosts of the show ever. He is so funny, especially when he's screaming like a little girl... LOL. Or also the comments Steve makes to the answers from time to time, ha-ha.

               There is a small fraction of my list as this post would take forever to write and it would take you guys a long time to read my post so I am listed some of the shows I do watch but in retrospective I watch a ton of other shows, like LivePD for example or Hells Kitchens, Reality TV Shows, etc but this post is definitely a regular TV shows that I do watch outside of Reality TV all together. 


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