Monday, October 29, 2018

Minecraft Space Mod World Is A Fail!

             I can officially say after rage quit, after rage quit, I have stopped with Minecraft for now as I felt like I struggled with the mod and just do not know where the heck to go to with it next and some of the items I need I am not sure where to go next with it. I know a majority of the items what I need but certain ones I got not a damn clue. I had a Twitch friend who was helping me and helped me beat the Ender Dragon, the Wither in Vanilla Minecraft but if I was to return and do the modded world how in the world do I get certain items? Maybe I need to Wikipedia it and fine out. I sure as heck need a game plan if I ever plan on trying to beat the Modded world and finish another different type of Minecraft. I should try Hexxit Minecraft but I would like to still go into space with the space mod. I do not even remember what mod I used actually, I have no clue where the heck I got it in the first place. I think it was the space age mod if I remember correctly but we will see. 

             I am always thinking ahead of myself if I want to play the game again but like a modded playthrough but I am really not sure at this point if I want to play again as I got other video games I could be doing at this point. So is this a complete fail? Yes I failed time and time again to a point I ended up rage quitting after I built such a really nice and fancy compound with a enclosed roof and all. I worked so hard on not just one compound but 3 compounds to have to delete the file as I died in the caves below because of my stupidity and I died more then once and I just completely fell apart and decided to just rage quit all together and it isn't like me at all to just rage quit and give up. I am very much very positive person now in my life compare to before when I was still a YouTuber back in the day. I shouldn't give up but never know, maybe in the nearby future I will look at Minecraft down the road, maybe now I can focus on other games in the meantime and like I said, I can come back to Minecraft later on. 


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