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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

We Went Round and Round on The Bus.... SMH! (EPIC FAIL)

                   Yesterday was a mess once we left the Lake all the good vibes went out the window... We didn't realize we would have to walk a block to the bus to get me home. Anyways we walked there and got to the bus stop. The bus came and we didn't realize it till we got to where my old work, the bookstore which is no longer around as they closed down prior to COVID-19 happening like 2 - 3 years after I left the position I was at due to certain reasons I will not disclose as that is now in the past. So we got off at the McDonald's where the former Bookstore where I worked at and we tried to figure out where the proper bus was. First we ended up on the wrong side of the bridge where there is a tunnel to go under the highway so we had to go back and on the other side as the road was too busy to cross and probably unsafe. 

                     At this point I was getting into one of my moods where I was kicked a light pole in anger blaming myself for this. Anyways we went on under the bridge and across a major road and across a bridge to get to the bus which it didn't really take that long as I used the app to ensure we know which stop to get on at. We got to the stop and the bus ran late as usual and by the time I got back to the stop I was already out of my moods and sometimes it is easy to come out of my moods and sometimes its the entire day or hours I am in a bad mood which depends on a day to day basis. What matters is I made it home despite an hour later after spending 30 - 45 mins diddly daddling around trying to get home.  The lesson from this is to pay attention to the bus signs which I didn't do so I will be sure to do that next time around. Anyways hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will speak to you all tomorrow!


Wednesday, March 3, 2021

I Cannot Be Careless With Forgetting To Blog.....

             I know I am suppose to blog on a daily basis but I was once again very careless with not blogging. Yes I did it again! I just do not know why I didn't think of this last night when I was on very late last night that I should of done a post and to be honest, I didn't really have anything planned. The Schedule this week on the whiteboard in the studio consisted of topics written on there Monday and yesterday and today's and tomorrow's blanked completely with no real topic and my weight loss well that's fluctuated so much I just do not think I can really give you guys an update on that right now. Maybe next week I can give you guys a definite update on my weight loss but with my weight either going up and down or staying put as I have tried so hard to get it below 230 before end of this week but that may not be happening at this point but the update is all up in the air for this week. Only 2 days away from that and we will see what I wanna do. 

            I can say that this week is totally up in the air right now. This is a very random week with posts at this point. I am just unable to keep up with it really, with 3 podcasts on the go trying to run  the maybe Lounge or have Charlotte do that to blogging and watching the show, I do not have enough hours in a damn day to keep up with everything honestly. So much going on but I have an announcement that I am going to be discussing this with my co-host next week that we will put off any recording till June and into July and it will be just prep work at this point. As you know today I was suppose to record this weekend's Entertainment Man Podcast but I have to do that tomorrow when I get up and get editing it as I am podcasting a ton during the weekend but if I am up tonight late I may take a whack at recording today. This is my boring post for today and sorry it wasn't anymore exciting then you expected but tomorrow Charlotte is going to be taking over the blog tomorrow as there is something she wants to talk to you about with the return of our lounge, rules etc. I will talk to you all Friday!


Thursday, March 28, 2019

My List of Sims 4 Fails... (Throwback Thursday Story)

            So 2 weeks ago which it could of been longer honestly but anyways I made Dave a sim and of course added in his fiance in real life and tried to get the two to start dating but uh uh, no dice they ended up into a fist fight so it wasn't a pretty site to see honestly and I do not know what the heck went wrong honestly. It was an total epic fail. I ended up locking her in the bathroom by mistake and she died... So it was the biggest fail I have ever made on a video game ever but the next fail I had was not realizing that when Dave's adopted daughter was dating my guys daughter on the game tilI recognized my last name and I'm like seriously?! Eventually they ended up married which made Dave and I in-laws on the game... LOL! Sounds odd I know but that is what happened. I ended up deleting all the current sims honestly. Also the two sims became parents so Dave and I ended up being grandparents go figure! I don't think I have ever done that before nor it would ever happen again but you never really know what is or going to happen.

            The Sims 4 can be full of surprises one way or another like the time my sims wife electrocuted herself fixing the TV in the game I just shook my head on that in dismay this actually did happen. Expect the unexpected like the Reality TV Show Big Brother, Celebrity Big Brother or Big Brother Canada. Anyways I still enjoy this game even with the craziness of the game from time to time as it is nuts, I can turn my back and a sim starts a fire in the house or even in the backyard and end up on fire and dying which has happened with Eric's sim trying to extinguish the fire in the kitchen on the game. He didn't didn't last more then a few minutes of me creating him and it sure as heck looked like him too! It is never a dull moment on the game but my sims can do the wrong thing ending up with certain consequences like once I tried to get my sim to go to work and he refused to go and I think he was in one of his grumpy moods, tired, hungry or something wasn't right with him but the boss called him to tell him to GET HIS BUTT back to work the next day... Probably glitch but there is tons of fails but makes it for a good laugh and a good time!


Monday, October 29, 2018

Minecraft Space Mod World Is A Fail!

             I can officially say after rage quit, after rage quit, I have stopped with Minecraft for now as I felt like I struggled with the mod and just do not know where the heck to go to with it next and some of the items I need I am not sure where to go next with it. I know a majority of the items what I need but certain ones I got not a damn clue. I had a Twitch friend who was helping me and helped me beat the Ender Dragon, the Wither in Vanilla Minecraft but if I was to return and do the modded world how in the world do I get certain items? Maybe I need to Wikipedia it and fine out. I sure as heck need a game plan if I ever plan on trying to beat the Modded world and finish another different type of Minecraft. I should try Hexxit Minecraft but I would like to still go into space with the space mod. I do not even remember what mod I used actually, I have no clue where the heck I got it in the first place. I think it was the space age mod if I remember correctly but we will see. 

             I am always thinking ahead of myself if I want to play the game again but like a modded playthrough but I am really not sure at this point if I want to play again as I got other video games I could be doing at this point. So is this a complete fail? Yes I failed time and time again to a point I ended up rage quitting after I built such a really nice and fancy compound with a enclosed roof and all. I worked so hard on not just one compound but 3 compounds to have to delete the file as I died in the caves below because of my stupidity and I died more then once and I just completely fell apart and decided to just rage quit all together and it isn't like me at all to just rage quit and give up. I am very much very positive person now in my life compare to before when I was still a YouTuber back in the day. I shouldn't give up but never know, maybe in the nearby future I will look at Minecraft down the road, maybe now I can focus on other games in the meantime and like I said, I can come back to Minecraft later on.