Wednesday, March 3, 2021

I Cannot Be Careless With Forgetting To Blog.....

             I know I am suppose to blog on a daily basis but I was once again very careless with not blogging. Yes I did it again! I just do not know why I didn't think of this last night when I was on very late last night that I should of done a post and to be honest, I didn't really have anything planned. The Schedule this week on the whiteboard in the studio consisted of topics written on there Monday and yesterday and today's and tomorrow's blanked completely with no real topic and my weight loss well that's fluctuated so much I just do not think I can really give you guys an update on that right now. Maybe next week I can give you guys a definite update on my weight loss but with my weight either going up and down or staying put as I have tried so hard to get it below 230 before end of this week but that may not be happening at this point but the update is all up in the air for this week. Only 2 days away from that and we will see what I wanna do. 

            I can say that this week is totally up in the air right now. This is a very random week with posts at this point. I am just unable to keep up with it really, with 3 podcasts on the go trying to run  the maybe Lounge or have Charlotte do that to blogging and watching the show, I do not have enough hours in a damn day to keep up with everything honestly. So much going on but I have an announcement that I am going to be discussing this with my co-host next week that we will put off any recording till June and into July and it will be just prep work at this point. As you know today I was suppose to record this weekend's Entertainment Man Podcast but I have to do that tomorrow when I get up and get editing it as I am podcasting a ton during the weekend but if I am up tonight late I may take a whack at recording today. This is my boring post for today and sorry it wasn't anymore exciting then you expected but tomorrow Charlotte is going to be taking over the blog tomorrow as there is something she wants to talk to you about with the return of our lounge, rules etc. I will talk to you all Friday!


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