Thursday, March 4, 2021

Statement About The Community Lounge's Return!

                With the RETURN of the Community Lounge here on I wanted to make an statement about the chatroom returning and will answer questions. Now there has been so many issues lately whether it was a chatroom here on the website or Discord server there has been either drama or just trolls being demanding and disrespectful towards the team in general. LET ME SAY THIS: It will not be tolerated. Now to a couple of the questions you guys may have regarding the chatroom:

1) When are staff around- That is hard to know as we're very busy team but we are around when we are around and typically between 9 am and 7 or 8 pm EST but there will be nights where we may end up being up late so it varies when we are in the chat but sometimes we leave our names just say hi in the room and we do not answer within a few minutes we are either busy or asleep. We work odd hours especially with Big Brother Canada 9 now underway, Chris is online a bit longer now with the Live Feeds up he will be up listening to them so between now and Mid May our hours are now going to be 12 pm and 9 pm at the most.

2) Rules- There are rules below the chatroom and that always seems to be an issue to follow them and we hate banning but we have no choice. We are going to be making a Ban times list that way you guys know how long you are banned and we will be taking notes who is banned and win along with username and two of us know who is who with the bans and that is myself and Chris. 

3) Chat Being Weird- We have added a button next to the chat on the website that looks like this to the left of this text. It is hyperlinked and all you gotta do is click the logo and it will take you to which is more capable to chatting within the community. We made it easier for mobile users but if you are on Tablet or IPad then it will be a ton easier for website use. This was an idea between both myself and the Founder & Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb & This took weeks of planning and Late January/Early February we started to plan and work on this feature and it took us weeks to slowly plan and execute this.

           So tomorrow, Chris was originally going to post but he has given permission to do two days in a row. Tomorrow I will be talking about the rules and how long we are going to ban on the chat so you know. We do not wanna make it permanent unless it is a very severe rule broken. I will then be back Monday then you will be hearing from Chris Tuesday. Have a great rest of your day and I will talk to you guys tomorrow.

Charlotte, Site Admin

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