Friday, March 5, 2021

Talking About Chatroom Rules Ban Lengths....

                We have gone a little ban happy recent with the trolls and we needed to remove em. However we had no real guidelines and both Chris and I came up with the chat rules and we are going to be adding times to the bans and here they are:


1. No spamming the chatroom.  (6 hour ban)

2. No being disrespectful to Staff or Any Other User In the Chatroom. (12 hour ban, if use of offensive terms will be permanent ban from chat and not able to return)

3. No asking for Moderator, we have enough Staff to keep an eye on things. (Chat message removed & warning. 1 hour ban if continues)

4. No posting inappropriate links is allowed. (24 hour ban, if continues, Perma Ban as this will not be allowed whatsoever)

                Rules are not hard to find and there is only 4 golden rules to follow and so easy to follow. We only perma ban from here on out on severe infractions of the rules. We have the most conservative rules out of any other chatroom. Right now we are not making mods till the chatroom is active but the bans are very reasonable times. Please follow our rules it is not that hard. You guys wonder why we have removed our chat off the website so much is because of the chat problems. Chris also mentioned if the trolls get too much for us then what we can do is not allow guest chat and we will implement that you sign up with and we will not be allowing guests in our Community Lounge from here on out. We have a lot of tools with this chat we have on the site and one of em we even do not allow VPNS cause it would be easy for trolls to get back into the chatroom so that has already been implemented! That is everything I have to say about the rules in our chatroom please follow em so we can keep guest chat open and I will speak to you guys Monday, have a wonderful weekend!

Charlotte, Site Admin

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