Monday, March 8, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [03-08-2021]

               Another week has come and went and this means it is time for another weekly update for you all. I haven't been merely impressed in some of the behavior seen here on the website and I will explain:

Website: With the chatroom here on I am not impressed. The amount of disrespect that has been given towards myself, Chris and the team in general and I know this is one of the # 1 reasons why he has stated he's considered not being as involved with the chatroom community and his stress has become very very high. I had to ban 6 trolls over the weekend and starting to question the chatroom existing. Now we have it on where you have to login at this point and we haven't changed it back since and are leaving the chat where you have to login to chat with everyone and this might be the best thing moving forward for all of us. This has to stop before we end up shutting the chatroom down or suspending operations of having the chat open to the public. This inappropriate behavior isn't acceptable and we have to do better as a community. Chris wants a clean, positive and happy community. There is no ETA when we will allow guests again and I am in constant contact with Chris about this and when we feel ready we will be sure to let you guys know but for right now guest chat is suspended.  

The CBOTW Show: As you know Chris has become backlogged with podcasts right now as we just posted up Thursdays eviction on Sunday morning before Entertainment Man Podcast went up. Now do not forget we have another podcast to go up and the reason behind that is because he had some things going on Saturday that needed his attention this is why we are backlogged or he is backlogged and he's jeopardized his sleep to just get this content out to you guys. Chris promised to get back on a schedule this week for the podcast in the way of scheduling to record and no more tech issues whatsoever.

                   This is all I have to really say for this week, not much for updates, honestly as we are readjusting to 3 - 4 podcasts and we will get better as the weeks go on as we have so much amazing stuff going on right now. We gotta continue the positive love and support for this community. I will see you guys next week, have a wonderful week in the meantime.

Charlotte, Site Admin

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