Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Podcasts Are a Big Success!

              2 Years later with the Audio ONLY, podcasts are truly coming together very nicely. I have had so much fun recording episodes for you guys and I really, really would like to do video stream but it seems to be an issue to go live with video. Honestly I can say I enjoy pre-recording em as it is easier for me and plus I got more time on my hands but I can and I know it's possible that I can do recaps on Ice Cast which is like shoutcast, yes radio airwaves. I have been talking to Larry about it too and it's not really confirmed if it will happen but what I am trying to say if you guys want it to happen then let's make it happen, lets make it an official thing! I can honestly it has been fun but also a struggle to stay on schedule but in the last couple of weeks I have been on schedule even if I was an hour to an hour and a half late still came out on the same day.

              Even with The CBOTW Show which has just begun it's journey and over the next couple of days will be an interesting journey. I have learned how to adjust to change and I have learned so much about Audio ONLY, microphones, mixers and what not. Also the quality of the podcast has gotten so much better over time as when I first started it was distorted and crappy audio but now it is so much better and gotten better. I use to have the Audio Technica PRO 31 when I started this journey but now its changed, but mind you I still got that microphone and it still works and used within this studio but as a second mic and... Wait here is my setup:

Monitors: ACER

PC: ACER Computer Aspire- TC 605
       Windows 10

# of Boom Arms: 1 boom arm, planning to have a second boom down the road.

Microphones:  Main Mic: AT2020 (Audio Technica 2020), Second Mic: Audio Technica PRO 31

Mixer: Samson MDR624

Headphones: Sennheiser HD204

                That is the setup it isn't much but it gives you an idea and I made the decision to spend the money on more professional equipment like the condenser Microphone and the mixer and mind you you need a mixer for mics anyways as it makes the sound much better then just plugging it into your computer, trust me I've tried it. I will do a throwback Thursday story this week talking about my first mixer, don't worry.


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