Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Back To Physio Again, For My Knee

            Let me say this was not the original topic for today's post but that got derailed once again, however that is OK, this is more important and I wanna be open and honest with you guys about my physical health and it's not good. All has been going really well for my right knee and I can say my knee is in really good shape as my family doctor even checked the original bad knee that dates back many years ago from a old softball injury I got thanks to a former staff member of mine bumping me with a ball but I won't bring that up its in the past. Just call me a human target at ball... LOL! Anyways now onto the left knee, he seen something that is out of the ordinary... However before I get into what is wrong, I started to worry before the doctor came in, I worried I would need an x-ray to see what's up. I worried I will end up seeing a surgeon and possible but that was not the case. My doctor found when bending my left knee there was crunching sound under my knee which mind you it's scary to hear that, knowing there is something wrong with my poor knee. My first thoughts was just freakin great first my blasted right knee all these years and now my left goes on the blink on me. I wish I told him to just cut my knees off and give me robotic limbs. I've been dealing with this crap since 2010, maybe 2009. This is what you get playing softball for 10 + years, the injuries add up, hence I am fully retired from ball.

             So the question of the hour is what am I suppose to do with the recent news I just got about my knee? Well I am required to take Tylenol if i get pain and also the heating rub which I haven't done quite yet as the pain hasn't been bad last night and I am able to deal with it right now but if it gets bad then I can take something for it and also do the heat rub on the knee. The other part is I have to go to Physio to get the track in my knee back into place before the knee cap slips out of place on me. I am glad I went to the doctor, even though I kept on putting it off till the last possible second which in my mind was a dumb move but it all worked out, I waited till it got worse. I hope this will not take till into the New Year, hopefully in 6 to 8 weeks I will be able to continue on with the exercises throughout the holiday but depends the extent of the damage on my knee, I mean how bad it is with the crunching of my knee cap. But least I am doing it now before anymore damage is done to a point surgery is required which is good.


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