Thursday, November 1, 2018

My First Ever Mixer and Mics I Ever Owned!

              This is going way back to the time I use to broadcast on video platforms, before I got my Samson Mixer that I currently own to this day. I do not remember what kind of mixer it was but I think it was a Radio Shack mixer and that company does not have those stores, not up here in Canada at the moment. This mixer did not allow me to connect a condenser Microphone at the time it had a 3/4 inch piece to hook up into it and this mixer had faders, meanwhile this one I got now has the knobs but I honestly prefer faders in my opinion. Trust me my next one is going to have faders as they are sure as heck easier to use. However this mixer was used which meant someone else used it before I got it as a donation to The Video Projects Team. I know that is a long way back now since this happened. I never really talked about it at all but hey it got me more into being more professional with broadcasting and now what you see, the podcasting universe which I am currently to this day. It was always a learning curve at the start, I learned about the color lights on a mixer, orange levels means you are going to distort and I learned that very, very quickly as a broadcaster what the levels mean. Also with the mixer I got two microphones. One wasn't working well but the other worked for a while. I did replace it with a cheap mic but then got the Audio Technica PRO 31 which still is in the studio to this day.

              As it went to the end of it's run it started to struggle where the voice wasn't being picked up and mind you it was an old mixer and it was ready to be retired and scrapped in the garbage and that was the fate of it. It was a good mixer at the start, but then it got old and just ready to be thrown away and make way for my second mixer which now is used to this very day and working so great for me now too! It will always be my first mixer and will always remember this as my first ever mixer I ever had. I had to start somewhere and I will always remember my first mixer.


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