Saturday, April 23, 2022

End of The Week Updates- Part 2 [04-23-2022]

                      Here we are part 2 of the end of the week updates. As promised I am to continue on and plus this gives a bit extra content for you guys in the process that needs to be mentioned with all the kafluffel with ChrisBOnTheWeb. 

Website: I updated the website and removed the following: Team Page, Partners has been removed. Schedule Page has been updated with the current schedule for the content and events for ChrisBOnTheWeb. The After Show With Amy F has been moved to Archives pending a removal from permantly removed off the website which may take a few weeks for me to decide and if you don't hear anything about it then I left it on the website all together but highly think I will be moving it. Support chat is back and a friend of mine is always in there if I am not in there whatsoever under CBOTWMod name which was still active on there regardless. 

Social Media: I have removed all post pertaining to the said podcast I said above of the hashtag and all posts have been removed and I don't care what anyone says cause that podcast is done for no apparent reason and I was going to post it regardless but they misconstruded what I said so it is what it is, I'm moving on to focus on with my content, Entertainment Man Podcast and the collab.

Power Rangers Collab: With me moving back on my own now fully next week I push into Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast more and I will have a  ton more time to work and focus on it now with one podcast down. So I am excited to work on Super Samurai and will get it done in time for late May so you guys can hear it. I also am working on this week the 4th anniversary podcast coming up with some cool ideas. 

Return To Studio: Next week starts a trial run of me seeing Larry in person and trust me you will see pictures of him and I together, will be for a lunch and see how we feel together again for the first time in just over 2 years since we have seen each other. This means our goal to him returning to studio in time for our 4th Anniversary Podcast is on track as long as cases do not rise and the mask mandate doesn't come back then we are golden for a return! 

                That is my final set of updates for the weekend, enjoy the rest of this weekend, get out for some fresh air, I know I will be and I will talk to you guys on Monday for the start of what will be another busy week for me and ChrisBOnTheWeb.


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