Friday, April 22, 2022

End of The Week Updates [04-22-2022]

                    Another week has come to an end and has been a dramatic one for us here at ChrisBOnTheWeb. We have lost another Community Manager and will be the last community manager we ever have in this community. We just cannot find anyone that stay longer then a week to a few weeks only. It is utterly ridiculous to be quite honest. 

Facebook: Our group community has suffered a lot of problems, lot of people that have gotten banned cause of stupid drama. I ended up shutting it down when things were going really great for us on the group and it was doing just fine. We are now on a Fan Page and not planning to move anywhere else cause we do not wanna move anywhere else. We have almost half the people we had in the group but I think people are not happy with what is going on and I cannot blame em to be quite honest.  

Entertainment Man Podcast: This week, I have worked on a ton of topics for this podcast to prepare for future episodes and trying to empty out the list so I do not have to do much to do later on. Wednesday I also recorded my first video podcast in 2 months and have schedule that to post this weekend and may premiere it since it is the first podcast back on YouTube since February and yes I remember exactly when as it was with Terry that was the last known podcast. 

Power Rangers Collab: Not sure what's going on with it, with all the drama, I just put it to the wayside for right now and hope to get back into it Tuesday the day after my day off from ChrisBOnTheWeb. I know I can get it done by end of the week and typed by the end of the Big Brother Canada Finale week and sent out to Larry by the Friday or the Monday after BBCAN10 wraps up production. Mid May or just after mid May is the goal for us to record. As I know when I finish Super Samurai, I will be starting Megaforce right off the bat. This week, I also wrote the 4 year anniversary podcast notes and will be sending em to Larry in case as we're still pending his return to studio.  

                  That is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow morning for Part 2 of the End of The Week Updates as there are more updates to make with all the changes with the site and content and what not. Really not in a good place right now with all the changes my mind is going a mile a minute and didn't sleep half the night cause of the stress. Anyways I will talk to you all tomorrow morning at 11 am EST for a special 2nd part to this post.


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